Sermons: 2021

Christus Rex was open throughout all of calendar 2021 for regular worship.  We conducted an Ash Wednesday service including the imposition of ashes, but otherwise did not conduct Wednesday Lenten services.

In order to manage the number of sermons which appear on a web page, we have listed them by season.  However, the search utility at the top right of this page, noted by the magnifying glass icon, should provide a quick means of finding a topic of interest.

Sundays after Christmas

Sundays after Epiphany (including Transfiguration)

These are the Sundays starting with the first Sunday (January 10th) on or after Epiphany (always January 6th) up through and including Transfiguration Sunday (February 14th).

Sundays in Lent (including Ash Wednesday)

Ash Wednesday was February 17th and demarks the beginning of the season of Lent.  This section includes all six (6) Sundays of Lent beginning with Sunday, February 21st and ending with Palm Sunday (March 28th) inclusive.

Sundays of Easter

Easter Sunday was April 4th.  The Sundays of Easter spanned through May 16th inclusive.

Sundays in Pentecost (including Pentecost)

The festival of Pentecost occurred on May 23rd.  Trinity was celebrated the following Sunday (May 30th).  All Sundays from those on through November 21st inclusive are part of the season in Pentecost.  Reformation Sunday and All Saints Day are included into the season of Pentecost.

Sundays in Advent