What to Expect

As most churches move to non-traditional styles of worship, we feel at Christus Rex we are offering people the opportunity to worship in the traditional style vetted over centuries of use.  There are elements of traditional worship which date back to the time of the Psalms, in particular King David!

As the Apostle Paul wrote in 1Co14:33 - for God is not a God of confusion, but of peace (NASB).  While we vary the Order of Service seasonally, each Order of Service has common elements to them.  We start worship with confession of our sins before God our Father.  Upon receiving absolution from our sins by God's called and ordained servant of the Word, we sing praise to Him for the gift of redemption from our sins.  We sing traditional and some contemporary hymns.  We confess our faith in the words of one of the ecumenical Creeds: Apostles; Nicene; Athanasian.  If Communion is served, we follow a liturgy that includes consecration of the elements (wafer and wine), pray the Lord's Prayer, and seek God's grace in the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ which is in, with, and under the wafer and wine.  We pray a prayer of thanksgiving after receiving our Lord Jesus into us and we into Him.  And lastly, we receive the Aaronic Blessing at the close of the service as our Lord instructed Aaron and the priests to pronounce upon God's people in Num 6:24-26, something which has been pronounced onto God's people since the exodus from Egypt 3400yrs ago.

As you can tell from this description, our worship style is traditional and liturgical.  Visit the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod website for a definition of what "liturgy" means.  We project each element of the Order of Service onto a screen located in the chancel for all to see.  Our worship Orders of Services and hymns are taken from Lutheran Service Book published by Concordia Publishing House.

There is a Liturgical Glossary published on the website of our Synod which contains words and phrases used during an Order of Service.  This glossary can provide additional understanding on what to expect during our typical worship services.

How is it decided on what to preach each Sunday?

Christus Rex follows what is called a "three-year lectionary series".  A lectionary series is a prearranged series of readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament Epistle, and one of the four Gospels.  These readings are coordinated with each other and from week to week.  The three-year series spends time in Matthew the first year, Mark during the second year, and Luke the third year.  The Gospel of John is sprinkled in throughout the three-year cycle.  Visit our Synod website to learn more about the lectionary and to download the lectionary series for the current year.

The sermon on each Sunday is taken from one of four listed lectionary readings for the day (OT, Psalms, Epistle, Gospel).  Hymns are chosen to match up with the sermon text chosen for consideration on each day.